To give everyone equal access to high-end computers

The world goes like this – if you can pay, you use the very best, but if you can’t, you cope with the ruminant. All of that is about to change! We’re reinventing how people use and access their standard PC, by utilizing the latest blockchain & in cloud technology.

We are creating a platform where everyone can place their hands on simulated high-end PC’s through our data centers or how they can pick one from the marketplace where other users have their computers up for rental.


AirP2P is a platform that gives everyone equal access to high-end simulated computers over the internet on any device – all you need is a high-speed internet connection.

You can connect to one of our data centers to get your VPC instantly online, or through us, you lease from other users and pay using our token P2P.

As the world stands right now, there is no existing solution for those who crave for high-end computers but can’t afford it. We aim to solve the problem by granting access to our virtual PC’s while using your own Pc. If you do not own a Pc, you can access our platform through your phone or tablet just as you will do while using a Pc.

Do you have a high-end computer?

You can earn P2P by putting it up for rent in the marketplace or directly rent it to us to add to our fog cloud network.

Token Sale TOKEN

The ICO will be held in three phases as follows

  • Pre-ICO from May 18, 2018 – June 3, 2018 (30% bonus)
  • Pre-Sale  from June 3, 2018 – July 3, 2018 (20% bonus)
  • Main token sale from August 3, 2018 – September 15, 2018

A total number of 16.500.000.000 P2P (50%) can be purchased in the token sale, the smart contract will only mint tokens that are purchased

Detailed statistics about prices and supply per phase will be updated


3 June, 2018 (12:00PM GMT)

Number of tokens for sale

3,960,000,000 P2P (12%)


July 3, 2018 (12:00PM GMT)

Tokens exchange rate

1 ETH = 825,000 P2P

Acceptable currencies


Minimal transaction amount

10.000 Tokens

Pre-sale (20% bonus) ends in:
Buy Tokens

of tokens

of proceeds


December 2017

AirP2P Idea is born

January 2018

Basic idea finalized

February 2018

Planning started

March 2018

Marketing plan & business plan developed

April 2018

Marketing started & finalized ideology of the AirP2P Platform and its functions

May 2018

Private investors brought in and pre-ico starts

June 2018

Pre-sale starts Get listed on mainstream ICO/crypto news sites

July 2018

Implement marketing strategy plan "Exodus"

August 2018

Main token sale phase 2 starts

September 2018

distribute tokens after ICO and work towards getting P2P on exchanges - ensure market liquidity.

October 2018

Start developing the AirP2P platform


the team TEAM

The AirP2P Team combines a passion for esports, industry expertise & proven record in crypto asset management, technology, finance, marketing & strategy, this is the core team of AirP2P the rest of our team remains undisclosed at the time being.

Sigurður Benediktsson
Founder & CEO
Kristinn Spence
Founder & COO
Daníel Óskarsson
Head of development
Robert Stone


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Features Features

AirP2P is an online platform that will give your complete access to a high-end simulated computer. You can connect with any device using the internet. you can get the services…

Contact AirP2P CONTACT

Any question? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.

The token sale does not constitute an offer of securities or a promotion, invitation or solicitation for investment purposes. The terms of the contribution are therefore not intended to be a financial services offering document or a prospectus. the token offering involves and relates to the development and use of experimental software and technologies that may not come to fruition or achieve the objectives specified in the white paper. The purchase of tokens represents a high risk to any contributor. Tokens do not represent equity, shares, units, royalties or rights to capital, profit or income in the network or software or in the entity that issues tokens or any other company or intellectual property associated with the network or any other public or private enterprise, corporation, foundation or other entity in any jurisdiction.

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